Monday, August 10, 2009

Entropy is fun...... really!

I always find it interesting the way the mind works. Sometimes the strangest questions or cosmic nudges will prompt our brain to go down some rabbit trail. Take for example when a friend of mine asked me about how clean I like to keep my house. I could have simply answered "I'm a clean freak" or "Slobsville: Population 1". But no.... my brain had to come up with a justification for my actions or lack there of.

Thus I realized that my house was not merely a house, it was an example of the continuum. And this continuum was much more than just a room, it was a metaphor for my way of life. For you see I believe in Entropic cleaning.

Entropic cleaning is the process by which the entity which is monitored by the continuum (in this case my house) moves from a state of pristine cleanness to utter disparity. For I tend to clean my house within an inch of its life and then I let the cosmic forces grab hold and slowly break apart the order into Chaos. Entropy at work.........

But welcome to Have Viking Hat - Will Travel. I have finally decided to augment my existence by creating my own blog. Sure....... what can this crazy citizen of the world offer to said planet? well stay tuned and you shall find out. But you can be sure it may have something to do with Disney World, Lighting, God, kayaking, travel, games (board, dice, card, video, or other), life with a wonderful fiance, photography, or maybe just sharing a moment of worth.

I do have to say that it probably would have been a bit longer in the making if it was not for Drew over at His ultimate IZEAfest contest
( prompted me to finally start this. So in answer to his desire to know the 11th reason to attend IZEA fest and the 11th item to bring with me - I say:

the 11th reason to go to IZEAfest:

Because @Shamu is holding my kidney for ransom and he won't give it back until I meet some amazing people, see some amazing sponsors, plow some cake, and take the Viking Hat out for a stroll!

and the 11th item to being to IZEAfest:

A great hat! An Amazing Hat! A hat that would make the Visigoths tremble in fear!
Have Viking Hat - Will travel

So thanks again Drew ( / marketleverage / and all Drew's great sponsors) and I do hope to see you all at #izeafest but even if I don't get to go I will still listen to what a great friend of mine often told me:

Play Hard

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