Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Gem of Wisdom

@danschawbel: Personal Branding Tip: Be who you are, not who *they* want you to be!

As I was surfing my Tweet feed between product demonstrations this morning, I came across this gem. And I think it very much sums up the relationship that needs to be. Sure it sounds very simple. It sounds like common sense. But is it?

I am new to the world of blogging and developing a community, in fact I don't even have followers yet. But I hope as I move forward, I can always remember this wisdom. As one moves into the world of seeking recompense for the interaction within the social media world, it seems natural to court those people with the ability to deliver such recompense. Following blogs has always been something I have done on a casual level previously, but the ones that keep me coming back are those who keep to what they know best: being themselves.

On to other things:
The President gave out 16 Presidental Medals of Freedom today. I must say that I was impressed with the crossover of many genres that the recipients represented. Cultural, Entertainment, Political, Sports, Religious and Scientific. The Presidental Medal of Freedom is the highest honor the President can award to a citizen.

(Image: Desmond Tutu)

The Recipients:
Nancy Goodman Brinker:
Pedro José Greer Jr.:
Stephen Hawking:
Jack Kemp:
Sen. Edward Kennedy:
Billie Jean King:
The Rev. Joseph Lowery:
Joe Medicine Crow-High Bird:
Harvey Milk:

Sandra Day O'Connor:
Sidney Poitier:
Chita Rivera:
Janet Davison Rowley:

Desmond Tutu:
Mary Robinson:
Muhammad Yunus:

Also take a look as to the history of this incredible honor :

And here is the official White House Memo:

Now I prior to my reading about this round of recipients, I did not know that a non-US citizen could receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, so when I saw Bishop Tutu and Mary Robinson honored, it was a bit surprising to me. But without going into a large disertation about the great things that each of these people have done, take a few moments and look them up. Truly we can honor the past and our future by looking to see what each person can do in their lives no matter how humble.

Have a great day!

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